Rough-Cut Vibes

Sean 'DJ Rough' Todd born and raised in Kingston 11 Jamaica until 1982, 37 Hyde Park rd was his first exposure to different genres of music where a integrated component ststem, with Tuner, Record Player was the focal point of the 'Living Room'. It was here that music permeated the house, everyone was able to buy their own 7 or 12inch records and spin your music when it was your turn.

Rough-Cut Vibes

A graduate of Jamaica College, he migrated to Hartford connecticut where his he was able to earn enough to afford sound system equipemt and records. A DJ was born. He enlisted in the CT Army National Guard for  6 years, while buying more equipmentand becoming the Dj for a rap group called 'Rated R'. The music was a blend of Reggae, dancehall and Hip-hop.

They released their 1st single in Rated-R in 1986, EP 1989 with Dj Rough adding music production to his resume and first atempt at vocals. The group faded in the early 90s and Rough continued to modify and expand his studio. To support the studio He turned to his 2nd passion, drafting, and was employed as a drafter in 88' he has been with the same company since.

While in CT Rough would also dabble in Radio with Barney Rebel who inherited a slot from female host CJ at WESU Weslyan, this would be his introduction to broadcasting, at the time it was a tool for exposure but ideas were growing.

He moved to FL where he again built a studio, he left the 9 to 5 for 5 years  returning to school to complete a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduatin he returned to work as an Design Engineer while focused on building Roughcut Entertainment.

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