The 1st official record released by Rough-cut Records would have to be "The Roughneck Anthem", in 1992. Produced by DJ Rough for The Roughneck Massive, back when it was cool to call your crew a MASSIVE. The song was recorded and produced at Rough-Cut Sounds Hartford, Ct and Bass Mind Studio Brooklyn, NY. The song was mistakenly released only on cassette media, not forseeing that such media format was at the end of it's life, however the track did well with limited promotion.

roughneckMassiveCassette insert for Roughneck Anthem 1992 album

The group began recording for Aqua Gem Records, Queens NY but soon dissolved, with each member forging their own path and having individual successes. DJ Rough continued to buy equipment, investing in 'Rough-cut Sounds', a digital MIDI studio. The goal was to build the studio while working with various artists, learning to record and Engineer music.


The Rough Cut Studio

Rough-cut Records operated from a 1 bedroom apartment on Gillette St. in Hartford Conn., A Kawai drum machine, S950 sampler, 1200 turntables and a Fostek 260 (4) track was all that was needed.  a EP was soon created with the late, Digla Ranks. The EP dropped around 1996 with a video for the title track 'No Competition'. The studio moved to a Brownstone on the South side of Hartford and saw the introduction of 'Mellod Love' to the Label.

Rough-cut Sounds had always been a hybrid studio specializing in Hip-hop influenced Reggae. During the Mellod years, the production had a pronounced Hip-hop sound but kept the Reggae Influence. There was always authentic dancehall Reggae artist rolling through the studio.

Groups like 'Over Kill' produced a classic EP at Rough-cut. Many other artists also recorded at the Hartford studio including 'Little Boom' and his protégé 'Screechy Ranks', who would go on to change his stagename and become 'Chuck Fender'. The studio moved again, this time to Windsor Connecticut where it was housed in a custom built basement studio. It was during this time that Rough-cut helped in the development of various talents including Honey Brandy, Egyptian, Heat Wave, Singing D, Frassman, Dyman Mind and Dewey Likshot. The Rough-Cut classic album, "RAW DOSAGE" was forged in the Windsor studio and remains current to this day.

The album showcased acts like "H-Bomb and P.M.S"  with  their trend setting song Lyrical Impact.  2001 saw the rise of the MOBILE component of Rough-cut Sounds, where DJ Rough would take a mobile studio to Jamaica and he and his brother 'Crazy Dean' would record local Portmore artist from a room In Independence City. Artist included 'Bertus', 'Kiddy Famous', 'Deva Brat', 'Prefect' and 'Baby Wayne'. The recordings produced the Bertus classics "No Food" and "StepUpinnaLife".


Roughcut Classics


The mobile component continued for 4 years until other producers began taking mobile studios to Jamaica. The Jamaican Customs quickly put an end to this practice with DJ rough being recognized as the originator.

The studio relocated to Florida in 2004 where the Label went into a building / promotion mode with a focus on high fidelity. Releases slowed and artist development became the focus. The first artist to officially represent Rough-cut Records would be 'Dewey Likshot' in 2011, with a unique sound which complemented the music of RC. The album was "New Life" and all the vocals were recorded  in 'Fatmans-Garage'' East Hartford over one weekend, producing many underground hits like the RC classics "Too Fake" and "Jah A watch Ova Mi". The recordings were taken back to the Florida studio where they were mixed and Mastered.

Local Florida artists started recording in the newly remodeled studio including 'Beky Glacier' and 'Kisko Amari'. DJ Rough kept his connections with Jamaica and continued to record with upcoming talent like 'Scantana' in 2017.


Rough Cut Music Store

Rough-cut record has launched its official online store in 2018 after numerous requests from fans to access the Rough-cut catalog. The goal is to make ALL major recordings available for purchase. Including some early vinyl. Visit our store, listen and add what want to your playlist, all files are reasonably priced and downloadable.


Rough Cut Studios Through The Years

sTUDIO gillette stRoughneck starter studio in Hartford Connecticut

sTUDIO Lincoln stLincoln St studio in Hartford Connecticut

sTUDIO WindsorWindsor, Connecticut studio

studio windors fullWindsor, Connecticut improved studio

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